holiday in lagos, portugal


I headed over to the sunny town in Portugal’s Algarve after finals last spring for a little sun, fun and adventure.

The white village is full of gems; from winding cobblestone streets and beach-side fruit stands, to incredible views along the cliffs and cavernous grottos that beg to be explored.


I recommend starting your visit off on the cliffs, following the rocky trail high above the beaches. Teetering along the precarious terrain, you’re privy to all the secluded beaches, patches of wild flowers, and breathtaking views hidden away from the main stretch.


Take your pick of one of the dozens of beaches; you can join the tourists on the easy-access plots, strip down with nude locals near the grottos, or scale the cliffs to your own private half-moon of white sand and clear water.


Not a beach bum? Sign up for the kayak tours, where you can explore the grottos and check out beaches not accessible by land.

Can you spot the teeny kayak weaving in and out of the grottos?

Can you spot the teeny kayak weaving in and out of the grottos?

A slightly less labor-intensive activity is a stroll through the white village. The cobblestone paths and architecture in Lagos are charming, and you can find some real local treasures along the way.


During our visit, we dined at the most wonderful little restaurant on one of the tiny streets off the beaten path. From our table we could see the water peeking out and watched the sun set over the walls of the town. The meal was one of the best I had in Europe, and the owner extremely welcoming and accommodating. The seafood is fantastic, the produce fresh, and the wine is always flowing.

Rua Porta da Vila, n.018

Rua Porta da Vila, n.018

The party scene in Lagos is pretty incredible for a tiny costal town. Thanks to the awesome surfing there, the place is full of gorgeous Australian surfers, making for a very good time. The booze cruises are popular, and bars plentiful.

Full Disclosure: the partying there was a little much for me. Most drugs are decriminalized in Portugal, so people get crazy late night.


Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation, or an active holiday, Lagos has something for everyone. No matter which route you choose, you’re sure to leave tanned, tranquil and with a belly full of some of the best seafood in the peninsula.

5 Comments on “holiday in lagos, portugal

  1. I had no idea about Lagos! Even though I am originally from Portugal! Brilliant post, I will have to pay it a visit as soon as I get back to Europe! Not for the drugs obviously! ha!
    I m glad I discovered your blog, cant wait to read more 🙂
    Emma xx

  2. Thanks, Emma! It’s truly an unforgettable place for a holiday. I’m not a person that can lay on the beach all day, so it was perfect for me with all of the activities, but its perfect for beach bums at the same time 🙂 I hope you make it over there! xx

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