scenes from madrid

La vida madrileña is very much agreeing with me. My heart feels contented knowing I’m back in the land where I belong. I’ve settled into my new place, and am currently writing this post under the Spanish sun on our terrace. Life doesn’t get much better than this, and thinking of all the wonders I have ahead of me here makes me giddy.

Madrid is like a mixture of my two great loves, Granada and New York City: metropolitan yet calm, booming yet charming, modern and vibrant with constant reminders of centuries passed. I am enamored. As I continue to get accustomed to the city, I leave you with some shots I’ve captured with my iPhone in my first few days here.




1150428_10200666232446428_1241201029_n 1176226_10200666230646383_1597216071_n-1




1174671_10200672094912986_1989990811_n 1002869_10200681059417093_1986516893_n


See you soon with a new (wordier) post!

6 Comments on “scenes from madrid

  1. Me encantaaa Madrid, sus fotos son super cheverre, gracias por compartirlas. Espero q en las días que vienen puedo hacer fotos similar–recien llegué a Madrid, hace dos días, y ya me encanta.

    • Pues, bienvenida chica! Que lo pases genial aquí en Madrid–es una ciudad tan fotogénica que no vas a tener problemas con sacar fotos buenísimas 🙂 xx

  2. Tengo celos! Madrid remains one of my favorite cities. I hope to be back in Spain within a year, but until then, disfrutala bien para mi!

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