I’m Julia, a wanderer with an affinity for rock&roll and red, red wine.


With a background in sociology and linguistics, I have long been enchanted by the cultures of the world and have an insatiable hunger to experience different ways of life.

 Traveling far and wide, I go wherever promises adventure and excitement, from riding elephants in Zambia and camels in Morocco, to eating linguini alle vongole in Italy and fresh-caught piranha in the Amazon.

I’ve spent a summer living on an apricot farm off the southern coast of France, many years in New York City  and a few seasons searching for duende in Granada, Spain, collecting memories and lasting friendships wherever I lay down {temporary} roots.

These days, when I’m not off adventuring, I call Madrid home.

Nowhere to go but Everywhere is a creative space to chronicle my thoughts, experiences and photographs throughout my travels. The title comes from a feeling that often passes over me when I return from a trip, put into words by the great Jack Kerouac. It describes my restlessness, though I have nowhere in particular I need to get to…just a deep yearning to go everywhere.

Disclaimer: All photos and words are property of Julia Golden Sponseller and Nowhere to go but Everywhere, unless otherwise noted. Neither may be used without my consent.

21 Comments on “About

  1. I think your blog is great, so I’ve tagged you for the Leibster blogging award. Please take part if you want to and share the love. Here are the rules –http://ebostick1212.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/leibster-award/

  2. I see you take chances. Be careful out there. Not everyone is nice and some people are down right dangerous. Read of my para sailing in Acapulco and you will see my foolishness. Read about what happened in Dominican Republic and see how I almost got in trouble by not knowing my elbow from my behind.

  3. Great blog! I hope you consider visiting the Philippines. I’m sure you will like it there.

  4. Great blog & writing! Your restlessness and yearning is something I can relate, and your adventures are something I am inspired to do. Best wishes

  5. Amazing blog! I’m so jealous of you! Traveling and writing are also passions of mine and something I’d love to do! However, I’m pretty broke, so for now, I’ll settle for the writing part. Your piece on NY is amazing! I also fell in love with the city a few years back! Great blog! You have a new follower.

  6. Your story is so interesting! Looking forward to reading more now that I’m following!

    <3, Charlotte

    • I’m in the States now, but will be back in Madrid at the end of August! I bet you are, I can hardly contain myself 🙂

      • That’s great! I’m going to go ahead and follow your blog so I can stay tuned for tips. I’m heading over at the start of September!

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