Grateful in 2013


Hello from Germany! I have spent the past week traveling through northern Italy, Switzerland and the Alsace with my mom, celebrating the end of my second semester of graduate school.

I will pass the holidays on a river cruise up the Rhine and down the Danube, spend New Year’s in Barcelona, and head south to Marrakech before making my way back home to Madrid… so you can expect a lot of fun posts in the new year!

This semester has been busy and beautiful, and I hope you all have enjoyed following my adventures as much as I have enjoyed sharing them. I am so grateful for the success of this blog, the wonderful feedback I’ve gotten and connections I’ve made, and for all of you who keep on reading.

While I am enjoying my time with my family, I leave you with some excellent reading material.

I haven’t been able to post much on this blog recently because the little free time I have has been happily dedicated to writing for Madrid Food Tour. Through the company  I’ve learned about so many little-known spots in Madrid, eaten amazing food and met some incredibly interesting people.

Take some time this holiday break to check out the awesome things the MFT team is up to:

Spanish Sabores 

Lauren Aloise, the founder of Madrid Food Tour, has been blogging about Spanish food and culture for years now. In fact, Spanish Sabores was one of the first Spain blogs I ever read! Head over to her blog for some mouth-watering reads.

Madrid Chow

I met James Blick, a Spanish food and wine expert, at an MFT wine tasting and was blown away by his knowledge of the country’s history. He leads our Tapas, Taverns and History Tour and runs Madrid Chow, both of which excellent, both of which deserving of lots of attention.

Get in My Belly! 

Paula Móvil is one of the MFT guides, a food-obsessed Guatemalteca that happens to have one of my favorite foodie instagram accounts. She writes her blog in Spanish and English, chronicling her culinary adventures in Madrid and around Europe. She always seems to order the most sinful thing on the menu, and looks impossibly chic while doing it.

Curiosity Travels 

Jessica Wray is a fellow intern and world-traveler. She spent the past two years teaching English in South Korea and exploring Asia and now she’s decided to take on Madrid, blogging every step of the way and letting her adventurous spirit inspire.

One Bite at a Time

Amy Bingham is on her second year teaching English in Spain, relocating from Galicia to the capital to write about all her foodie ventures. Be fairly warned: don’t read her blog on an empty stomach! This girl knows how to eat.

Madrid Food Tour Blog 

Once you’re finished devouring everything my coworkers have ever written, head on over to the MFT blog where you can check out some of my articles and learn all about where to go and what to order in Madrid and all over Spain!


Happy holidays to all of my readers. I wish you all lots of love, good food, great wine and fabulous presents this season.

For now, my gift is to transport you to the a land where the fog from the lake swirls around the snowy mountain peaks, and the persimmons hang plump and orange on their branches even in December.  Won’t you join me in lake hopping along the Italian-Swiss border?



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